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Gelatin Health

Gelatin Health is owed and operated by Dan and Sharyn Perfect. Partners in life and business. An Australian couple who have been serving the community in the alternative health industry since 2004.

It began with an idea, and the realisation that other people could be helped with effective natural products at affordable prices.  Gelatin and Collagen powders were a new rediscovery, with health benefits available for everyone who takes these supplements. Many consumers were ordering the products from USA at high cost and higher freight charges. We saw an opportunity to provide the same quality product at a much friendlier price point.  So in 2014 we received our first products to sell to clients that were visiting Sharyn’s health clinic - Perfect Health Body and Mind.

Sharyn has a dedication for those who want improved health, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, or just because they are suffering unwanted symptoms of just getting older. Gelatin and collagen powders were now available to her clients. However, it didn’t take long before colleagues heard that we had Gelatin and collagen available. We were soon getting calls wanting to know if we could supply them…………….and that’s how it grew.

Products that were working when nothing else had. Products that were affordable for everyone – not just those with high incomes. Products that were natural and pure. Products that provided major health benefits without having detrimental side effects. Products that people were happy to take because they were getting results.

And so, our distribution began. We are one of those small businesses that started in the kitchen of our home and has grown significantly to be Australia’s leading supplier of Gelatin and Collagen powders. We now occupy a large warehouse situated on the Sunshine Coast QLD and are a family orientated operation with a part time staff of 6 to accommodate the growing needs of the community.

We are thankful for all the success and positive life changing experience that our customers have experienced. We are grateful for the ongoing support of all the shops and retailers that continue to support us and provide products to their customers for ongoing health benefits and relief from so many ailments.

We are here to assist people in anyway that we can, and look forward to connecting with as many people as we can to promote and educate the wonders of these amazing products.

Simone Cullingworth and Jan Liow became the NZ distributors for Gelatin Health after trying and loving the products. Both have a rich history in health and wellness and would love to share these great products that they use in their own families with all kiwis.