Gelatin Bedtime Sleep Tonics

Gelatin is full of glycine. Glycine promotes sleep!

Gelatin Bedtime Sleep Tonics Recipe 1
1 tbs of Digestive Health food grade gelatin (mix in a little cold water first, to avoid lumps)
About ¾ cup of warm coconut milk
Dash of honey
Pinch of nutmeg
If you wish you can dissolve the gelatin in some hot water before adding to the coconut milk or you can fully heat the coconut milk and gelatin together– totally up to you and your tastes.
Gelatin Bedtime Sleep Tonics Recipe 2
½ – 1 tbs (dependent on the size of your mug) Digestive Health – Food grade gelatin.
Again for food grade, mix with a little cold water to form a paste.
Add to chamomile tea.
Relax, drink and drift off to sleep.

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