Premium Gelatin & Collagen Products

We are Australia's leader in providing Highest Quality Gelatin Collagen Products for Digestive Health, Muscle Repair, Joint Care, Bone Strength and Soft Skin

Digestive Health - Repair gut lining and aid digestion - Digestive System Repair - Gelatin
Digestive Health GUT Plus - Gelatin Blend
INCLUDES Probiotics, Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Berry Flavour for better taste - Gelatin
Joint Care - Strengthen joint cartilage and tissue - Reduce inflammation. Hydrolysed Collagen
Muscle Repair - Grow and repair muscle mass - Hydrolysed collagen
Soft Skin - For younger and healthier looking skin - Hydrolysed collagen
Bone Strength - Ideal for those with brittle bone or low density bone - Hydrolysed collagen


Aid digestion and repair gut.Reduces inflammation in gastrointestinal tract. 
Today, gelatin is missing from the modern Australian diet. Adding Gelatin can balance the amino acid ratio and can lower cortisol which will reduce inflammation. Gelatin is fantastic for the gastrointestinal system. It assists the body to digest, decreasing the susceptibility to allergies. Gelatin naturally binds to water and helps food to move through the digestive tract more easily. The keratin in Gelatin assists the structural integrity of the gastrointestinal lining. Ideal for those suffering from multiple food allergies known as leaky gut.


Building and increasing muscle mass.  Repair damaged muscles.Pure protein. No fillers. 
Collagen is an important protein source, providing the required nutrients for muscle maintenance and cell growth. Muscle Repair provides a clean and healthy source of protein that replaces energy used in training and is beneficial for satiety. Due to its excellent solubility in cold water Muscle Repair is ideal to include in sports and protein drinks. With neutral odour and taste, Gelatin powder is easy to take in water or your preferred beverage.


Ideal for joint repair and reducing inflammation.   Stimulate cell growth
Joint Care is a bioactive (readily available) collagen peptide that is able to stimulate the growth of new joint cartilage. It is possible to alleviate the pain from the wear and tear effects brought about by the activities of life, sport, work and the natural aging process by taking as little as 5 grams per day. Joint Care helps people with joint problems to regain mobility and provide an enhanced quality of life.


Digestive Health Gut Plus + Added Probiotics, Vit C, Antioxidants, Aloe Vera & more
Digestive Health Gut Plus + contains all the benefits of the food grade gelatin, but now with additional properties for maximum healing and repair. Digestive system repair now contains Probiotics, Aloe Vera, Vit C, antioxidants and much more. Add berry flavor for easier consumption. Created and blended specifically as as a unique and premium product that has everything in one dose.


Ideal for those who suffer Brittle Bone. Increase bone density by stimulating asteoblast function.
Bones are the framework of our body. Bone is living tissue that changes constantly, with bits of old bone being removed and replaced by new bone. You can think of bone as a bank account, where you make “deposits” and “withdrawals” of bone tissue. Hydrolysed Collagen has been shown to be effective on increasing bone density by its ability to stimulate osteoblast activity.


For younger looking and healthier skin. Counteracts aging and damaged skin. 
Using highly purified collagen peptides from bovine skin, Soft Skin is able to stimulate collagen and elastin. The use of this product counteracts skin ageing and improves visual skin appearance and health. Soft skin works to enhance the production of collagen in the body which also has a positive effect on hair and nails. Your skin will feel good, look good, and be healthier with soft skin