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Spiced Mango Tart with Gelatin – For Digestive Health

Base: 150g cashews 6 dates 50g coconut oil 1t cinnamon 1/2t cardamom 5g fresh ginger 1t turmeric Couple twists black pepper Pinch sea…
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Christmas Morning Smoothie With Digestive Health Gut Plus

3 scoops Gelatin Health - Gut Plus 1C water 1 banana 2 kale leaves Handful of almonds ½C ice Place all ingredients in…
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Rasberries and Cream Mousse with Gelatin for Digestive Health

500g frozen raspberries thawed 500ml cream 2T Gelatin Health - Digestive Health 2T cold water Can add honey if you like things sweet.…
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Piña Colada Trifel with Gelatin

Pineapple Jelly: 3 ½C pure pineapple juice 3T Gelatin Health – Digestive Health Sponge Cake: 2t baking powder 1/2C + 3T tapioca flour…
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Peppermint Marshmallows and Gummie Cubes with Gelatin

Peppermint Two Ways Peppermint Infusion: 3C boiling water 4T peppermint tea leaves Place leaves in a bowl and tip water over, leave to…
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Peppermint Chocolate Rocky Road Cheesecake – With Gelatin

Base: 1C cashews 1T cacao 3 dates 1T coconut oil Pinch sea salt Place all ingredients in a mixer and mix until combined.…
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Cranberry Truffles with Gelatin – For Digestive Health

Makes 24 Truffles: 1C dried cranberries 2C cashews Cranberry juice to cover 2t Gelatin Health - Digestive Health 2T cranberry juice Coating: 2T…
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Christmas Spiced Gummies and Marshmallows – With Digestive Health

Christmas Spice Two Ways: Christmas Spiced Tea Infusion: 3C boiling water 4cm fresh ginger 2 cinnamon stick 1 1/2t nutmeg Slice ginger thinly.…
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Christmas Minced Fruit Balls – Made with Joint Care and Muscle Repair

Makes 24 balls 1/2C cashews 1/2C almonds 1/4C cranberries 1/2C raisins 1/2C sultans 1/4C apricots 1/4 C prune 1 orange peel and juice…
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Christmas Jelly – Made With Digestive Health Gelatin

2C natural cranberry juice 2C natural kiwifruit juice 1 Tin coconut milk 6T Gelatin Health – Digestive Health Depending on how you are…
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