Pet Care
Premium Hydrolysed Beef Collagen

Pet Care - Collagen
Improving quality of life for our furry friends 


Has been known to assist with

  • Stimulating joint cartilage cell growth.
  • Increasing mobility range of movement
  • Reducing inflammation joint pain
  • Strengthening and improving the condition of skin, hair & nails
  • Maintaining joint integrity
  • Supporting general health & well being.
  • Hydrolysed for easy absorption.

Bio Active Collagen Peptide

  • Neutral taste and odour. No fat or cholesterol. 
  • No additives or colouring agents. 
  • Excellent solubility in either hot or cold water.

We all love our furry friends. Seeing them age with discomfort can be difficult. Vet bills and treatments can extend the budget.

Pet Care Collagen is a new generation of support and assistance for your furry family member. It has active ingredients for improving mobility, and it a pure protein with no side effects. Pet Care Collagen has Bioactive Collagen Peptides proven to stimulate joint cartilage regeneration in pets, especially dogs.

Osteoarthritis affects more than 20% of dogs more then one year old. Treatments for this condition are scarce and most focus on anti-inflammatory effects. Many of these have side effects. Collagen in known for its anti-inflammatory properties and stimulating effects. People (humans) generally notice a positive effect at about 3 weeks. Try your pet on Pet Care for 4 weeks. Observe your pet during this time for changes in motion.  Its hard to get feedback from pets, so you the owner will be the best judge for what goes on. 

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Pets benefit from Pet Care Collagen

Pet Care has beneficial effects on mobility in dogs and contributes generally to the maintenance of joint health, preserving and increasing mobility and quality of life. 

Elderly Animals

  • Increases activity
  • Regains mobility and flexibility
  • Elevates well-being

Active Animals

  • Supports mobility and flexibility
  • Optimises joint health, function and comfort
  • Increases performance

Pet Care is the perfect natural food / treatment

  • Excellent solubility
  • Just sprinkle over food
  • Contains ZERO Fat, puines, cholesterol, additives, colorants, synthetic aromas. 

By ingesting a source of collagen regularly, enables signals to be sent to cartilage cells to produce more collagen, thus helping to relieve joint pain and helping joints to become smooth and mobile.


Ingredients Dosage Nutritional Info Amino Acids FAQ What's the difference


  • 100% Beef Gelatin
  • 96% pure protein
  • 4% moisture (water and residual salts)


  • 1 - 9 grams per day - see back of pack for details on how much for the size of your dog.
  • Will dissolve in hot or cold liquid. Add to pet food. 

Nutritional Info

Serving size Per 100g
Energy KJ 1500 KJ
Protein 88 g
Fat, total 0 g
– Saturated 0 g
Carbohydrate 0 g
– Sugars 0 g
– Starch 0 g
– Polyols 0 g
Fibre 0 g
Sodium 300 mg

Amino Acids


Amino Acid Weight % Mol %
Alanine 8.9 11.1
Arginine 7.3 4.6
Aspartic Acid 6.0 5.0
Glutamic Acid 10.3 7.7
Glycine 21.0 31.1
Histidine 1.1 0.8
Hydroxproline 12.2 10.3
Hydroxylysine 1.5 1.0
Isoleucine 1.5 1.3
Leucine 2.7 2.3
Lysine 3.5 2.7
Methionine 0.9 .07
Phenyalanine 2.1 1.4
Proline 12.8 12.3
Serine 3.1 3.3
Threonine 1.9 1.7
Tyrosine 1.0 0.6
Valine 2.4 2.3


Pet care - hydrolysed collagen  acts as a stimulator for the body to produce collagen in body. This signals the function of cell repair and cartilage growth. 

If you have more questions, please search the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What\'s the difference

Pet Care Collagen is different from the other collagen products because of its molecular weight, size and the change to the amino acid chain and structure. Pet Care is specifically designed for its purpose of listed health benefits. 

For more information see Different Types of Gelatin - Technical differences explained

Reduce Inflammation

Glycine in gelatin helps to repair damaged tissues, without it, our wounds would never heal.

Regain Mobility

Gelatin is high in protein which makes it perfect for stimulating and increasing muscle growth.

Stimulate Joint Cell Growth

Gelatin is high in protein which makes it perfect for stimulating and increasing muscle growth.