Happy Customers

I have been using the Joint Care – Protein fortification after my workouts for the past 6weeks. It is so easy to take. I simply pop it into my shake. I feel that it has been helping mymuscles recover quicker after a workout.

I can’t believe the difference in my hair, skin and nails after just three weeks of taking Protforte F – food grade gelatin. My hair and nails are stronger and grow quite quickly. Myskin seems to be brighter and tighter.

I have been taking Proforte F – food grade gelatin for about 3 months. I use it daily in my food and I put it in my tea. I feel it has helped my digestion greatly. I don’t feel as bloated as I used to after eating. My energy has also increased. I feel brighter and more alive. I won’t be stopping gelatin any time soon.

After taking Proforte M – muscle and joint formulation for 1 month, I have noticed that I am not as stiff as I was. I have less pain when moving and a lot more flexibility and range of movement. Thanks gelatin!