Why Gelatin is lacking from our diet

Gelatin is lacking from today’s diets due to the high availability of over-processed foods. Foods that are high in refined sugar and that have no nutritional value at all.

Today you can buy soup packets, soup in a can, cup of soup (just add water) and other varieties of soup. When Grandma used to make soup, she would cook a chicken for dinner, eat the meat, then boil the carcass with some veggies to make “real” chicken soup. The bone carcass is where the Gelatin goodness comes from.

Now days processing plants strip the chicken, sell the meat and discard the carcass for pet foods. Essentially, pets now eat better than us, getting all the goodness from the bones. Our society predominately eats muscle meats which contain meager amounts of Gelatin (if any at all). The problem with this is that muscle meats are extremely high in the amino acids ‘cysteine’ and ‘tryptophan’. These have anti-metabolic and thyroid suppressing effects leading to degenerative and inflammatory disease states.

Gelatin is a pure source of protein that contains no sugar, fat, or cholesterol. Gelatin contains 18 amino acids that we need for survival. Gelatin is bioavailable to the body – which means it is easily digestible and readily available.

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