General Information

Gelatin is considered to be one of the NEW super foods, a miracle, magic health supplement. BUT IS IT? Yes it is, however it is NOT new – just forgotten. Gelatin has been used successfully throughout history in the medical world for a variety of reasons as it was readily available and affordable.

Australian Beef

The question of grass fed / grain fed gelatin and its source is something we are regularly asked. The answer in all its complexities is actually reasonably simple.

The food grade gelatin – the gelatin used to assist digestive health, best for cooking with – is derived from Australian cattle. Whilst cattle are predominantly grass fed and raised for supply of meat to Australians and to export to the world, no guarantee can be made that cattle are “100% grass fed”. High standards are applied and Australia has a reputation for compliance to strict regulations and providing the highest quality product. All stock are vet checked and certified, suitable for human consumption.

It is important to know that the collagen structure is not dependent on what the feed is. IE – collagen is not affected by the type of feed (grass or grain); the collagen structure is determined by the animal DNA. This is different to the meat that is used from the cow, where the type of feed is important as the protein and fatty acid structure is affected by the type of diet – IE grains vs grass.

We hope this clears up any confusion and welcome any questions – simply contact us.

Allergen Declarations as required by FSANZ

The Gelatin that we use is supplied by a manufacturer of gelatin from hides of cattle which have been deemed fit for human consumption. 

Gelatin Health products are free from

  • Gluten containing cereals
  • Crustacea & crustacea-containing products
  • Eggs & egg-containing products
  • Fish & fish containing products
  • Nuts & nut-containing products - including peanuts
  • Seeds & seed containing products
  • Bee pollen & propolis
  • Irradiated ingredients or components
  • Milk & milk containing products
  • Aspartame
  • Quinine
  • Guarana & guarana containing products
  • Kola beverages containing added caffine
  • Phytosterol esters
  • Ingredients causing a laxative effect.

Allergic Potential of Gelatin, collagen and hydrolysates.

Collagen is the main component of the connective tissue of the mammalian body and is therefore essential for strength and elasticity of various body parts and bones, cartilage, skin, ligaments or tendons.

Collagen, gelatin and their hydrolysates are a natural protein, more precisely spoken a highly purified collagen which possesses a very poor allergic potential.

These products are processed out of the very best quality raw materials.

German Beef

It is our understanding that the German cattle also experience similar conditions with feed and environment. While it is impossible to guarantee all cattle are grass fed, we can confirm that all cattle are healthy, vet checked and certified for human consumption.

It is important to know that the collagen structure is not dependent on what the feed is. IE – collagen is not affected by the type of feed (grass or grain); the collagen structure is determined by the animal DNA.

This is different to the meat that is used from the cow, where the type of feed is important as the protein and fatty acid structure is affected by the type of diet – IE grains vs grass....

Is Gelatin Certified Organic?

While we would love to say that our gelatin is certified organic we really cannot, as this is an almost impossible task. We would need to know exactly where each individual cow was sourced and that each farm had been certified organic. Additionally, a purpose built processing plant would need to be built to verify that the products are certified organic, and guarantee no cross contamination.

Hypothetically, if you could produce an organic gelatin, the cost of the product would be immense and the retail market would not be willing to pay the cost. It would just be too expensive.

However, we do have quality products that have been through checks and met high standards to ensure that we are able to supply the very best product possible.

Gelatin for Gut Health

DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Repair gut lining & aid digestion (Food Grade)
‘Food grade’ gelatin is used for anything to do with food. Whether it be for repairing and soothing the gut lining, aiding digestion for good gut health, or adding to foods like stews, soups or gravies or making scrumptious desserts to eat. Food grade Gelatin is for people who want to improve or assist digestion issues or symptoms. Everybody would benefit from taking food grade Gelatin as a supplement. Australian Beef Gelatin can assist with:
  • Aiding Digestion | Gut and digestion symptoms
  • Reducing food sensitivities | Leaky Gut and similar
  • Reducing inflammation in gastrointestinal system
  • Strengthening & improving the condition of skin, hair & nails
  • Detoxification
  • Connective tissue production

Gelatin for Muscle Repair


MUSCLE REPAIR – Grow & repair muscle mass (Hydrolysed collagen)

‘Muscle repair’ is for muscle growth & repair, helpful for elderly people with low muscle mass, gym people and body builders. Anyone who wants to replace muscle mass or repair damaged muscles, without all the nasties that can be found in protein shakes For athletes, body builders, major exercise or training sports people Muscle Repair Collagen can assist with:

  • Wound healing
  • Repairing damaged muscles
  • Building & increasing muscle mass
  • Strengthening & improving the condition of skin, hair & nails
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Increasing protein load
  • Supporting general health and wellbeing

Gelatin for Joint Care


JOINT CARE – Strengthen joint cartilage & tissue (Hydrolysed collagen)

‘Joint care’ is for muscles and joints, assisting with reduction of inflammation and joint pain. Increases mobility and range of movement. Stimulates new cell growth and the formation of new cartilage tissue. Feel freer faster!

For those over 40 and suffer from pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Joint Care Collagen can assist with:

  • Stimulating cell growth and formation of new cartilage tissue
  • Increasing mobility & range of movement
  • Reducing arthritis inflammation & joint pain
  • Strengthening & improving the condition of skin, hair & nails
  • Restoring joint mobility and maintaining joint integrity
  • Supporting general health and wellbeing.

What is the difference between Muscle Repair and Joint Care?

  • MUSCLE REPAIR – Grow & repair muscle mass is for muscle repair and muscle growth.
  • JOINT CARE – Strengthen joint cartilage & tissue is for the reduction of muscle and joint inflammation and pain.

While the ingredients remains the same for all products – Beef (Bovine) the difference is in the processing. Different enzymes are used in processing which utilize different aspects of the collagen, therefore giving us two different products. One for muscle and joint repair and one for muscle building.

Our gelatin contains no sugar, gluten, dairy, fat, or MSGM

What is the type of collagen used?

All 3 products are made from type I and type III collagen which is found in skin, tendons, etc. Ingesting type I & III collagen stimulates the production of type II collagen in the body. Type II collagen is the collagen found in cartilage. This then promotes the growth of new cartilage.

It is important to note it is not the collagen being ingested that goes into the joints, it is the collagen that is ingested being utilised in the body to send signals to the cartilage cells to produce more collagen.

Are there any preservatives / sulphates

To make gelatin fit for human consumption, it is required by law to be cleaned. Early in the production process before it is gelatin the raw materials are treated with a sulphuric acid and a lime wash.

The residual sulphites (the breakdown of sulphuric acid) are a result of chemical reactions occurring during the alkaline/acid washing and extraction by water and heat. This is typical of all gelatin manufacturers worldwide.

There are no added preservatives to our products, however, it is possible there may be residual sulphites present due to the wash process.

Is gelatin and collagen good for muscle repair?

Simply explained, Gelatin is an excellent source of protein for physically active people who exercise regularly at the gym or with personal trainers. It increases muscle mass and muscle performance. You can substitute gelatin for whey protein powders as it has no fillers, sugars or chemicals. Gelatin is also great for muscle repair after exercise, or sports related injury. It helps heal wounds and tighten skin. For further explanation of how and why, follow this link to Muscle strength and repair.